About Us

Dündar Tekstil was founded in 1993 to operate in woman outerwear field in textile sector. Manufacturing its own products, the company has also formed its own brand named Tatu and made a huge progress in domestic and foreign markets.

As Dündar Tekstil, Tatu, our constant values are responsibility with quality and efficiency, justice, education, cooperation and team spirit, flexible and ready for changes, being human and technology and devoted working oriented.

Our TATU brand contains a wide array of product range that includes women upper and lower group versions.

Our primary goal in the projected direction is to keep a close tracking in the developments in European and Worldwide in the Textile sector and continue to open our own shops in the Europe's leading fashion countries, which is our main target.

The designs of all Tatu products are created by the careful studies of the company's Design Team, with the usage of the newest trends of the world fashion. Our main principle is not to be a follower in the fashion but to be a pioneer.